Riding the Rhine Cycle Route

This is the record of my third retirement cycle trip along the great river valleys of Europe.

The others can be found by following the links here:

2010        http://wp.me/TRO2

2011          http://wp.me/P1GuoY-2

This year’s trip was rather shorter than expected for reasons explained in the posts. Nevertheless I think I experienced one of the best bits of the whole Rhine Cycle Way.

Since posts are in reverse order, below are the shortlinks to the posts in the right – i.e. chronological – order.

Day 1 Arriving in the region: wp.me/p2wA4R-y

Day 2 Stuck in the snow: wp.me/p2wA4R-Q

Day 3 From Cavardiras to Chur: wp.me/p2wA4R-1d

Day 4 From Chur to Oberriet: wp.me/p2wA4R-20

Day 5 From Oberriet to Rorschach: wp.me/p2wA4R-2u

Day 6 From Rorschach to Triboltingen: wp.me/p2wA4R-2Y

Day 7 From Triboltingen to Schaffhausen: wp.me/p2wA4R-3e

Day 8 From Schaffhausen to Bad Zurzach: wp.me/p2wA4R-3U

Day 9 From Bad Zurzach to Rheinfelden: wp.me/p2wA4R-4i

Day 10 From Rheinfelden to Basel: wp.me/p2wA4R-4u

Day 11 From Ilanz back to Cavardiras: wp.me/p2wA4R-51


4 comments on “Riding the Rhine Cycle Route

  1. Wes Thomas says:

    Can’t wait to read it all!

  2. exmaschine says:

    Love Rheinfelden! Such a great little place outside of Basel.
    I have been there several times, but have yet to ride in the alpen region of Switzerland.
    Hopefully in 2015…I get the chance.


  3. Clive Parrott says:

    Hi I’ve just semi retired, I’ve cycle toured with friends, but now having a lot more time I’m planning a solo tour, but not sure where to go. If I go to the Rhine, which section is the best?
    Cheers Clive.

    • Hello Clive, in my opinion, the best bit of the Rhine cycle way is the bit from Disentis to Basel. The Rhine Gorge is nice, too, but a lot of the rest is boring, particularly as you approach Holland.
      The best solo tour I did was the Loire Valley (with the Garonne/Canal du Midi a close second). Check out my blogs on both of these. The maps are the weak point now (Google closed some of them down) but you can still get the idea from the rest of the stuff.
      Cheers and good luck!

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